Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wonder and Amazment

Wonder and amazement, Those are just two of the multitude of feelings that have overcome me during this whole thing. Adyson is just so incredible, though I still don't think its really hit me that shes ours, made by God from us, WOW. It is amazing how quickly you become so attached to someone so small. It really is a wonder how something so delicate and intricate is created inside of us humans, what a wonderful privilege.

We have had so many visitors to come and see our new bundle of joy. Thank you to all of you who came, and thanks to all of you who couldn't make it. I'm sorry there aren't any pictures up yet for those of you who can not come. Unfortunately I cant download anything from the computer here in the hospital rooms. I am going to try to do that this evening when I go home to see Rufus.

Chrissy and Adyson have done great since we have been here. Chrissy and her are really figuring out how the whole breast feeding thing works. Chrissy is still having pains (understandably) when she gets up or sits down due to the use of her ab muscles. Its amazing how much you use them and don't realize it. Chrissy is doing great though and the Dr. said that 80% of the pain should be gone by the end of the first week.

So it looks like we all will be going home tomorrow! Were not sure when we will be leaving, we have the room until midnight tomorrow. I think Chrissy is really ready to go home and wants to get home sometime before sunset.

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Dave and Leah said...

Kris and Chrissy,

A huge congratulations on little Adyson's arrival! We're both so happy for you and we are so glad she's here and healthy and so beautiful. We'll be praying for a quick recovery from everything and that she will grant you with nights of sleeping...

Much love,

Dave and Leah